Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Earning money from home is the topic, in which I started to have a large interest in the last several days. I found out that is it possible to earn money by writing content (articles and reviews). In my future posts I will dwell upon ways of earning money by writing articles, but today lets me show you two sites, where to can get paid to review.

Get paid to review – sites to join:

Ciao.co.uk is so far the best sites, which pays money for writing reviews. This is a huge content service, where thousands of users share their thoughts about products and services. Here your earnings depend on the popularity of your reviews and additionally you can get money for referring new members to Ciao.

My second favorite website for making money for free is Dooyoo.co.uk. So far I was getting about $1 for every review I wrote, but all my reviews will be generating me money in the future, because users receive extra money for every visit. Users can choose to get money from Dooyoo by PayPal or via Amazon certificate.

I do hope that these sites will help you making money online for free. Later on I will share my experience with these sites and hopefully will upload some of my payment proofs.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Internet is a cool place for making money, especially, if you have some web-related skills or knowledge. Recently I have found a good site for making money online, it is called CloudCrowd.com.

What is CloudCrowd and how to earn with it?

This website allows to earn money from home by completing various freelance tasks. By saying freelance tasks I don’t means that you have to be a professional in order to make money online with this site.

CloudCrowd pays money for completing such activities as looking for business information, finding images and picking the proper ones for advertisers, writing or editing content and even for doing freelance translation work.

CloudCrowd has one advantage over other freelance job sites – it is created as a Facebook application, so you don’t even need to go through a registration process in order to start earning.

So far I am having luck with this website and very soon I will receive my first payout to PayPal. To sum everything up, if you want to make money online for free and without investment, then CloudCrowd.com could be the right choice for you. Give it a try and good luck with making money online.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Running an Internet based business is one of my best and most profitable hobbies. I get not only to make money, but also to improve my writing, communication and programming skills.

Just now, as I was looking for new ways to earn money from home, I found out a great technique – it is called get paid to upload technique (credit to the site, where I read it and my appreciation, because the author has done a superb job at explaining how get paid to upload sites work).

So the point of making money with files is pretty clear – you share your files and get money for every download. Do you feel like you might be interested in joining such sites? I have done a lot of research and here are the best sites for making money by uploading and sharing data:
  • Uploading.com
  • Sharecash.org
  • HotFile.com
  • LetitBit.net
  • Content-Cooperation.com
  • Duckload.com
Judging by these files you can receive $10-$35 for every 1000 downloads of your files. Such rates sound pretty insane, but it is for real. I am starting to earn my first money with paid uploading and will share more information about this later. What do you think about such way of making money online for free? How do you make cash from home?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This blog is intended to show how easy making money online could be and how to generate the highest profits with the help of free techniques and make money online opportunities.